Juno 6

The only analog synth I own is a weird choice. When I found one nearby for sale I just bought it without doing much research and I thought I was getting a Juno 106. What makes this one different is that there is no patch storage, and no MIDI.

However due to this limitation, I really came to understand how the ADSR envelope works on a real device. I’ve always just fiddled with the fake controls on my softsynths until they sound good. And outside of the basics I learned using the ADSR controls in Scream Tracker, I never really understood how the settings work with the oscillators.

While the Juno 6 doesn’t have MIDI, it does have a CV input and a arp sync input which was designed to work with the Roland family of drum machines. I think a 707 or 808? Even so, you still have to play the notes by hand cause there was no way pre-program the pitch.