Everything I know about electricity, I learned from Captain Beefheart.

Despite knowing nothing about even the fundamental principles of why electricity even does what it does, I’ve had some parts sitting around for various projects for years. And aside from the theory, I have some practical questions like “why are half my outlets only grounded when it rains?” even the landlord claims ignorance.


  1. Learn enough to make an LED lighting solution for my 3D printer powered from 5v connectors on my Rasberry Pi4.
  2. Be able to help my kid assemble their guitar effect pedal kit.
  3. Learn how to spell “Raspberry” without spellcheck.
  4. Be able to fix my various guitar and keyboard problems.
  5. Make an FM synth with MIDI control to get that good good Ad Lib sound.
Pinnacle of audio engineering.

So far I’m working on goal #1, I wish youtube was around when I was young, I would have learned so much!

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