DoD: Flood of Power – Midnight Resistance

Flood of Power – Midnight Resistance

September is my first contribution to the Dwelling of Duels community. I wanted to create a remix based on one of my favorite PC games from the early 90s, but forgot all about it due to StarField coming out the same month.

Listen to all the amazing entries.

The last night before the deadline my friend Ronin OpF reminded me and encouraged me to get a song done that night. I quickly realized the original half-finished song I was working on was too complex and decided to do a banger that I had been listening to during the workday: Flood of Power from the game Midnight Resistance.

Fortunately my son came by while I was laying down the groundwork and kicked me off the computer. After he laid down some amazing guitar he passed the ball to me and I finished the rest.

4 hours later we had a song.

While there are some issues, it was a fun time and we’re proud of how it turned out. Enjoy!