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  • CSS :where() you don’t need it

    What is the point of this code I found?

  • MailChimp column spacing woes

    MailChimp column spacing woes

    A client was having issues with their columns being out of whack. And CSS wasn’t helping. Turns out the issue was hidden non-breaking spaces in the copy of the email. Occasionally strange invisible characters can hide in your content on applications like WordPress or MailChimp. Especially if you cut and paste from Word or some […]

  • Electricity


    Despite knowing nothing about even the fundamental principles of why electricity even does what it does, I’ve had some parts sitting around for various projects for years. And aside from the theory, I have some practical questions like “why are half my outlets only grounded when it rains?” even the landlord claims ignorance. Goals Learn […]

  • Remembering Petticoat Lane

    Because I loved this movie so much, I loved the soundtrack. I knew of John Williams from Star Wars. But this was the first PG-13 movie I went to. And my mom dropped my friend and I off! After playing some coin gobbling games in the run-down Starcade, we headed into the “Dome” theatre and […]

  • Hey World!

    I’m migrating to a new server, creating a new theme. All that good stuff. Check back in a bit!