Everything I know about electricity, I learned from Captain Beefheart.

Despite knowing nothing about even the fundamental principles of why electricity even does what it does, I’ve had some parts sitting around for various projects for years. And aside from the theory, I have some practical questions like “why are half my outlets only grounded when it rains?” even the landlord claims ignorance.


  1. Learn enough to make an LED lighting solution for my 3D printer powered from 5v connectors on my Rasberry Pi4.
  2. Be able to help my kid assemble their guitar effect pedal kit.
  3. Learn how to spell “Raspberry” without spellcheck.
  4. Be able to fix my various guitar and keyboard problems.
  5. Make an FM synth with MIDI control to get that good good Ad Lib sound.
Pinnacle of audio engineering.

So far I’m working on goal #1, I wish youtube was around when I was young, I would have learned so much!


Remembering Petticoat Lane

Because I loved this movie so much, I loved the soundtrack. I knew of John Williams from Star Wars. But this was the first PG-13 movie I went to. And my mom dropped my friend and I off! After playing some coin gobbling games in the run-down Starcade, we headed into the “Dome” theatre and I had my first taste of surround sound and subwoofers. Nothing was ever the same for me.

This is the track I wanted to learn on piano. I played this part of the cassette over and over until it died. Then I got a new one.

… and then I was over it and haven’t listened to it since. Even though I have revisited the rest of the soundtrack once every couple years.

Well, that’s my old man story of the day. Oh the point? I have to go pee. That’s the point right now.


“Happy Birthday, Samus” made it across the pond

I suppose it’s not such a big deal in the cyber-web era. But it still gladdens me heart to see my band’s tribute to the Super Metroid soundtrack featured on This album was a labor of love, and it’s great to see some buzz in the VGM community.



A while back, I decided to build a new PC instead of getting a replacement for my 2015 Macbook Pro. I’ve wanted to do this since I first heard of it (from an Apple employee actually). It turned out to be a bit more complicated than I thought. In fact, I soon found myself a participant in a nerdly hobby the likes of which I hadn’t experienced for some time.


Hey World!

I’m migrating to a new server, creating a new theme. All that good stuff. Check back in a bit!