Nick Galvez

Developer and Musician

Why, hello there! Didn’t hear you come in.

You caught me brushing up on my job hunting skills. Got a gig for me?

Not sure yet?

Can’t blame you. Make yourself at home and take a look around.



An artist so ahead of his time People magazine called him: “”.

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Delicious Nick


Or if you feel like his mom who said “I really want to support you, but I don’t want to clutter up my music folder”, stream his music on Spotify!


Other stuff

Hey, here’s an article I co-authored on image recognition using AWS Serverless technologies.

You know what’s fun? Electronics. I recently decided it would be best if I learned how to make some custom synths and other fun projects. Below is an embed of a project I’m working on using an OPL2 chip, to capture the 90s magic of the Adlib card.

I also do some CAD and 3D Printing stuff. The embed below shows my 3D printer working on the enclosure prototype for the aforementioned synth. 0 Likes? C’mon people. 3D printing is cool. I swear!